Engineering firm invests $1 million to increase Australian manufacturing capacity

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Illawarra-based engineering firm Leussink has invested $1 million to future-proof its state-of-the-art workshop with the acquisition of an additional CNC lathe package.

Leussink’s Managing Director Jason Leussink says, “the new lathe effectively doubles the turning capacity within our workshop. It will complement our existing lathe and allow us to increase the size of the items we machine as well.

“We’re investing in our future work. Having just one large lathe in our workshop was creating a bottleneck that will now be eliminated. The old lathe will be used to rough jobs out and the new one for finish machining.

“Australian manufacturing is alive and well and we will continue to invest in it. We’ve been competing with overseas companies for years and the COVID pandemic has brought new work our way because overseas suppliers cannot always guarantee continuity of supply or the same quality that we offer,” Leussink said.

Leussink is a second-generation family business with 40 employees including apprentices, based in Unanderra, just south of Wollongong NSW.

“At Leussink we genuinely believe in local manufacturing. Of course, in our industry, it is not always possible to buy 100 per cent Australian made materials, but where we can, we do buy Australian and support other organisations that have the same philosophy,” said Leussink.

Leussink’s services include CNC machining, milling and turning, wire cutting, surface grinding, design, metal fabrication, welding, robotic welding, assembly, reverse engineering, power transmission repairs, equipment upgrades and parts qualification and verification.

The company works across many sectors and industries including defence, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, oil & gas, mining and minerals processing, pulp and paper, heavy industry, transport, construction, civil engineering and marine.

The new lathe is an Okuma CNC Lathe Model LH55-N-Cx4000 with OSP-P300LA control. This machine complements the existing large lathe which is the same model but a decade older. Together they provide Leussink with advanced technology and greater capacity in the heavy engineering area for repair and rework and specialist high-end jobs.