Envirostream inks deal with LG Energy to process additional 250T of lithium-ion batteries

Image credit: Envirostream

Lithium Australia’s battery recycling subsidiary Envirostream has secured yet another agreement with LG Energy Solution to process a minimum of 250 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries. 

Under the agreement, LG will deliver the batteries to Envirostream’s facilities in Melbourne, where the Australian company will recycle more than 90 per cent of the batteries into its core components. 

As part of the process, recovered steel, copper, aluminium, and critical battery metals will be amalgamated into mixed metal dust, which can be repurposed into new lithium-ion batteries anode and cathode powders. 

The relationship between Envirostream and LG began in 2018 and the Australian company has recycled more than 85 tonnes of LG’s batteries to date. 

The latest agreement enables Envirostream to receive additional LG battery volumes and commence the safe recycling of batteries with immediate effect. 

“LGESshare our aspirations of an ethical and sustainable future for the global battery industry. Making these batteries available to Envirostream for recycling demonstrates LGES’s commitment to our shared vision,” said Andrew Mackenzie, Envirostream’s general manager. 

“Envirostream have been recycling LGESbatteries since 2018 and it is very pleasing to see LGEScommit to Envirostream as its Australian battery recycling partner for these new volumes. We would like to thank LGESand look forward to our continued collaboration.”

The company has reported continued increases in collection volumes since the end of fiscal year 2022. 

It collected nearly 100 tonnes of batteries in July 2022, higher than that of June 2022 and May 2022, which yielded 94 and 90 tonnes, respectively. 

A monthly collection rate of 100t equates to an annualised rate of 1,200 tonnes per annum. 

The Lithium Australia subsidiary is looking to secure similar recycling agreements with other cell and battery manufacturers, according to the company’s statement.