EOS wins second deal to supply weapon systems to Ukraine

EOS Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Image credit: Electro Optic Systems

Defence and space company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) announced that its EOS Defence Systems business has secured a second conditional contract to supply up to 50 Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) to Ukraine, including ammunition, spares, and related services.

This contract, worth up to USD 41 million (AUD 61 million), calls for the RWS to be deployed to Ukraine between 2023 and 2024. 

The ASX-listed company said it is an addition to the deal for up to 100 EOS RWS units, valued at up to USD 80 million (AUD 120 million), that was previously announced on 3 April 2023.

Andreas Schwer, CEO of EOS, stated that the company feels proud to serve the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine by making its RWS available there.

He remarked, “This will contribute to its critical security and defence needs.”

According to EOS, The contract permits conditional early termination rights in the client’s favour, which is common to agreements entered amid times of conflict.

The company stated it will rely on its support system and supply chain, which includes more than 100 vendors spread across Australia and elsewhere in the world.

In comparison to competing systems, the EOS said its RWS product line is built to give the most firepower for the least amount of weight while still maintaining greater accuracy and dependability. 

Over 2,500 units have been sold, with numerous military services in Australia, North America, Europe, and South-East Asia now using it.

EOS said it is currently working on other prospects connected to Ukraine, including as direct supply to Ukraine and other countries giving support.