Esperance joins WA EV Network with inaugural 150kW fast charger

Image credit: Minister Bill Johnston's Twitter

Esperance, a coastal town in Western Australia, has now become a part of the growing WA EV Network with the launch of its first 150kW fast charger.

This charging station, located at the Esperance RSL carpark on 84 Dempster Street, marks an important addition to the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure, the government said in a media statement.

Horizon Power, the organisation responsible for the network, has successfully installed this charging station, which is the first of eight locations in the Goldfields-Esperance region to be completed.

Notably, the Esperance charging station is the second Horizon Power site to offer two DC fast chargers, following Exmouth’s example.

The presence of an additional charger at the Esperance site will allow up to four electric vehicles (EVs) to be charged simultaneously, significantly reducing charging time to as little as 20 minutes.

The WA EV Network, a joint initiative by Horizon Power and Synergy, plays a pivotal role in the Western Australian Government’s $43.5 million investment to enhance electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the state.

Beyond Esperance, several other WA EV Network chargers are set to open soon in locations such as Coolgardie, Warmun, Derby, Halls Creek, Norseman, and the Overlander Roadhouse.

The network’s growth has been remarkable, with 18 charging sites now live, and more than 3,600 charging sessions recorded since the first charging site went live in Geraldton in April 2023.

Furthermore, last month witnessed the introduction of Synergy fast chargers in Merredin and Southern Cross.

The WA EV Network, which will become the longest in Australia and one of the largest in the world, is set to feature 98 charging stations across 49 locations.

Covering a vast expanse of 7,000 kilometres, it stretches from Kununurra in the north, along the South West coast to Esperance, and eastward to Kalgoorlie and Eucla.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston conveyed that with the operational launch of the first fast charger in Esperance within the WA EV Network, the total number of locations has reached 18, thus enhancing the convenience for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to explore the state.

“The Cook Government is proud to be leading the way for the rest of the country – delivering Australia’s longest EV network and one of the largest in the world,” Johnston noted.

Meanwhile, Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby emphasised that the WA EV Network is playing a vital role in supplying essential infrastructure that will facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.

“Our investment in the WA EV Network is another example of the strong commitment by this Government to climate change and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions,” the minister concluded.