Food tech Nourish Ingredients expands manufacturing operations to Singapore

Image credit: Nourish Ingredients

Nourish Ingredients, an Australian food tech company, is kickstarting manufacturing operations in Singapore as part of a strategic expansion to scale up its potent fat production. 

The Australian company teamed up with Nurasa joint venture ScaleUp Bio to establish the Asia-Pacific Hub and work more easily with the Singapore Food Authority. 

Founded in Australia, Nourish Ingredients specialises in recreating natural animalic fats without the animal using deep technology. The fats provide the authentic taste, smell, and cooking experience people want and expect, without the cost or chemicals. 

Nourish Ingredients will operate from the Food Tech Innovation Centre, Temasek-owned Nurasa’s flagship pilot and development facility, where it has access to shared labs and key pilot-scale equipment. 

The Australian company said its precision fermentation process is designed to be highly scalable and affordable as a result of the relatively low volumes required, enabling it to work with the world’s largest food makers. 

ScaleUp Bio is the first in Singapore and among the first companies in Asia to offer end-to-end contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) services for food tech companies in process optimisation and scale-up. 

“With more consumer demand for alternative proteins, it’s vital that sustainable food companies are provided the right commercialisation pillars to accelerate scalability. Our partnership with Nourish Ingredients will not only accelerate the production of speciality fats but also help create sustainable food products that excite consumers,” said Francisco Codoner, CEO of ScaleUp Bio. 

“ScaleUp Bio empowers global food-tech companies like Nourish Ingredients to access state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and industry expertise on their lab-to-market scale-up journey, enabling these firms to empower the next food revolution.” 

The partnership will support 10,000 litre batches of fermentation capacity as well as 100 litres of thermal processing, to successfully scale the production of specialty fats and unlock the flavour of the next generation of plant-based proteins. 

Nourish Ingredients’ presence in Singapore and its partnership with the nation’s Agency for Science, Technology, and Research are also expected to contribute to the government’s vision of producing 30 per cent of the nation’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. 

“Singapore’s highly enabling ecosystem – from regulatory and legal support to production capabilities – and commitment to innovation and sustainability makes it an ideal hub for showcasing our groundbreaking natural fats to investors and customers in the Asia Pacific region,” said Anna El Tachy, CTO and founder director of Nourish Ingredients 

“We know that if we can improve the taste of alternative proteins, Nourish Ingredients can spur the category’s mainstream consumer adoption for greater food security in Singapore.”