Future Energy Skills to train Victorian technicians on off-grid energy systems

Image credit: Future Energy Skills 

Future Energy Skills, a non-profit organisation that supports the workforce and creates training pathways for workers in the energy industry, has launched a new pilot program aimed at upskilling Victoria-based electricians in solar battery storage system installation and off-grid energy solutions. 

Acting Minister for Training and Skills Steve Dimopoulos announced the Victorian Government’s support for the new pilot program, which will be funded through the government’s Clean Economy Workforce Capacity Building Fund.  

“This investment will help get more Victorians into secure jobs in the clean economy and help more Victorian households to make the transition to renewable energy solutions no matter where they are in Victoria,” Dimopoulos said.

As part of the program, Future Energy Skills will work closely with industry partners to develop and deliver new courses in skills, such as designing battery storage systems, pilot training programs in off-grid power systems, and review and update several current training units. 

The project is expected to scale the training sector’s power system training capacity and boost accessibility to new energy technology qualifications. 

It will also bring new energy qualifications to Victoria in line with Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditations. 

The program will also be supported by a steering committee that includes the Clean Energy Council, Energy Safe Victoria, and training providers such as Holmesglen Institute, along with industry partners. 

As Victoria transitions towards its renewable energy goals, over 10,000 jobs are expected to be created annually from now until 2030. Meanwhile, more than 500,000 existing jobs are anticipated to be transformed through new skills training. 

In a media release, the Victorian Government highlighted the importance of building a strong energy workforce to meet the state’s ambitious renewable energy targets by 2035, which is expected to create 59,000 jobs, including 6,000 apprentices and trainees. 

There are approximately 253 CEC-accredited standalone power system designers and installers in Victoria

“This pilot program will provide more Victorians with the opportunity to have an appropriate battery storage system safely installed on their property, providing renewable energy to the home as we move towards the clean economy,” said Mick Cullen, executive officer at Future Energy Skills.