Victoria’s environmental pioneers lauded at this year’s Sustainability Awards

Image credit: Assembled Threads

Victoria’s commitment to sustainability took centre stage as the Premier’s Sustainability Awards recognised outstanding achievements in environmental stewardship.

The prestigious awards ceremony, overseen by Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos, celebrated 12 winners who are driving sustainable outcomes across the state.

At the heart of the accolades was the Premier’s Recognition Award, given to Assembled Threads, a social enterprise dedicated to manufacturing high-visibility vests and scrubs from recycled materials.

The organisation’s work was acknowledged for empowering culturally and linguistically diverse women by providing employment opportunities in the construction and health sectors through locally made, recycled-first uniforms.

Geelong Sustainability received the esteemed Premier’s Regional Recognition Award for its impactful project delivering free home energy upgrades to low-income households.

Specifically designed to assist those facing existing chronic health conditions, the initiative aims to create healthier and more energy-efficient living spaces.

Several other noteworthy projects were also honoured, including a Bunyip community group striving to power the entire town with renewable energy by 2030.

UPPAREL’s textile recovery and recycling program were recognised for diverting 450,000kg of textiles from ending up in landfills.

The awards ceremony featured two distinct categories: Community Champion, acknowledging individuals and small organisations making significant contributions, and Industry Leader, celebrating the efforts of medium-large organisations.

These categories spanned six award classifications, showcasing the diversity and impact of sustainability initiatives in the region.

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos emphasised that the Premier’s Sustainability Awards acknowledge individuals in Victoria committed to sustainability, actively contributing to the development of a flourishing circular economy.

“This year’s winners represent some of the best solutions for cutting out waste, boosting recycling and reusing our precious resources.”

To delve deeper into the remarkable achievements of this year’s finalists and winners, interested parties can explore