GE’s Manufacturing Garages in Nigeria


If you haven’t heard about GE’s Manufacturing Garages, now is the perfect time to read up on this amazing initiative undertaken by the company.

Image credit: GE / Garages Powered by GE
Image credit: GE / Garages Powered by GE

By now, we are well acquainted with additive manufacturing and additive technology and we know full well what additive manufacturing can do — eliminate traditional time-consuming and costly processes and create more affordable and more accessible products.

GE is currently developing additive technology to simplify, automate and speed up the ultrasound transducer manufacturing process and is travelling across the globe to allow everyone who is interested to take active part and get acquainted with the process of additive manufacturing and the reaches of advanced technology.

As part of the initiative, GE is currently in Nigeria finishing up its GE Nigeria Garages initiative.

According to the article on AllAfrica, GE Nigeria Manufacturing Garages is an innovation and manufacturing centre where aspiring makers and entrepreneurs can go to develop new skills and learn about advanced manufacturing technologies.

GE launched Garages in March 2012 in a bid to spur the nation’s interest in invention, innovation and manufacturing.

“By launching the Garages program, GE is working to help build a skilled workforce and drive entrepreneurial development in the region. The training facility is based in Lagos, Nigeria and supports a hands-on skills training program focused on growing the Power Generation service sector,” GE states.

Speaking in Lagos at an interactive session organised by GE as part of activities lined up for the 3-week promotional phase of GE Nigeria Manufacturing Garages, General Manager of GE healthcare, Mr Alex Canfor-Dumas revealed that the company is currently focused on using advanced technology and innovation in patient care and management. The silent MR Scanner is just one of the many technologies developed lately by the company.

Garages Nigeria ends today at GE’s regional headquarters in Lagos with curated speaker sessions and workshops in a fully equipped laboratory.

Participants had a chance to work with technical experts and use advanced hardware and software to bring their ideas to life. CNC mills, laser cutters, 3D printers, and electrical engineering kits were just some of the technology at their disposal.

“Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to learn more about business planning for their start-ups.  A permanent Garages facility in Lagos will be established later this year to help train students for Nigeria’s growing Power Generation industry,” it says on the official Garages website.