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Fleet Space’s Centauri satellite sets record as world’s smallest voice-enabled satellite

Fleet Space Technologies, a pioneering force in Australian space exploration, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with its Centauri satellite becoming the smallest voice-capable satellite on Earth.

Motion control systems driving innovation in additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is disrupting the manufacturing paradigm by fundamentally altering the traditional subtractive process of material removal.

NIOA Australia installs new data acquisition tech to transform ballistics testing

A new ballistics data acquisition technology at weapons manufacturer NIOA’s range facility in Brisbane is expected to revolutionise the way weapon and ammunition performance are tested, according to the company’s top engineer. 

New R&D funding to boost local manufacturing industry in Victoria

The Victorian government has established a new research and development fund to help the local industry manufacture new products, harness innovation, and compete in new global markets.

How manufacturers can become modern businesses ready for anything

To become future-ready, manufacturers need to focus on data strategies, rich customer experiences, workforce upskilling and action-backed sustainability goals.

VALO rebrands to VAILO to scale global reach

Australian tech company VALO is rebranding to VAILO as part of its expansion into the United States and efforts to become a global leader in ultra-high-performance LED sports lighting and digital displays. 

2023 Darwin Dialogue aims at advancing Australian critical minerals production

Darwin is set to host a trilateral meeting between industry leaders from Australia, Japan, and the United States to discuss progress in critical mineral and rare-earth element production across northern Australia. 

Can this Queensland start-up improve general aviation safety in 2023?

With growing concerns for safety in Private Aviation, a new start-up in South-East Queensland is using advanced technology and developing exciting new training techniques, with a mission to produce the safest private pilots in the industry.

Ampcontrol Acquired By Washington H.Soul Pattinson To Power The Future of Australian Manufacturing

Media Release by Amcontrol Investment house Wahington H. Soul Pattinson increases shareholding in Amcontrol Limited to full owners Amontrol remains 100% Australian privately owned...

Australian Strategic Materials breaks ground on Korean Metals Plant after scoping study confirms feasiblity

Australian Strategic Materials (ASX:ASM) is set to enter the detailed design engineering phase of its Korean Metals Plant (KMP) after completing an internal Scoping...

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