Government announces $19m defence industry investment

Image Credit: Department of Defence

The Federal Government is investing $19 million in local Australian companies and researchers to create cutting-edge technology that will improve protection for Australian Defence Force soldiers in the field.

Melissa Price, the Minister for Defence Industry, said the nine new Defence Innovation Hub contracts underlined Australia’s ability to lead the development of breakthrough technology for ADF troops.

“I am delighted to see this investment in businesses and a research organisation to help Defence harness cutting-edge capabilities that could help protect and sustain ADF personnel in the field,” Minister Price said.

“We are investing in a $5.31 million contract with South Australian company, RFTEQ, to develop a unique counter-improvised threat solution that could detect complex threat signals and enhance the protection of Army personnel and equipment.”

Two of the contracts signed with Victorian firms yesterday are aimed at improving the efficiency and longevity of ADF platforms.

QinetiQ will build a thermoelectric heat recovery system for Navy boats under a $3.63 million deal.

RUAG Australia will continue to develop additive technologies to allow the reliable repair of damaged metal components and thereby lower lifecycle operating costs under a $2.43 million contract.

“Several of the new contracts will focus on the development of uncrewed systems that could improve the safety of our soldiers, sailors and aviators by enabling them to respond to threats remotely,” Minister Price said.

Blueprint, a New South Wales-based business, has been awarded a $1.04 million contract to create an advanced expeditionary system for remote underwater intervention. The capacity to do operations remotely might lessen danger to employees.

Boresight, located in Canberra, has received a $1.28 million contract to create smart, disposable aerial target drones for use in training exercises to strengthen Australia’s capacity to defend itself against aerial drone threats.

“Another exciting project is with Victorian researchers, Defendtex Research Labs, which has been awarded a $1.84 million contract to develop an uncrewed ground vehicle that could offer a precision strike capability against enemy armoured vehicles,” Minister Price added.

The full list of contracts announced under the Defence Innovation Hub is available here.

Industry and research organisations can submit innovation proposals through the Defence Innovation Portal at:

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