Government vouchers to explore innovative technologies


The Victorian Coalition Government has awarded Technology Development vouchers worth up to $50,000 to 13 innovative companies as part of its $8 million Technology voucher program, according to the media release issued by the Premier of Victoria. 

Image credit: flickr User:  United States Government Work
Image credit: flickr User: United States Government Work

The Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips said the Technology Development vouchers were awarded to companies to work with external service providers on developing new technologies, or integrating them into existing products or processes.

“Vouchers are awarded to businesses wanting to explore the use of advanced information and communication technology, small technologies or industrial biotechnology, to create more competitive products and processes,” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“Businesses can use their voucher to access facilities, services and expertise provided by companies and publicly-funded research organisations.”

According to him, the Technology Voucher Program provides a special assistance to businesses to improve their products and processes in order to become high-performing and internationally competitive.

Below is a list of the companies that have recently received a Technology Development voucher:

–                 Computist Bio-Nantech (with Circa Group) – to establish the feasibility of a new method to design novel classes of drugs to treat forms of cancer that are currently resistant to treatment using existing chemotherapies;

–                 IMTRAM (with Grey Innovation) – to develop a sensor device to ensure the safety of installation and maintenance workers on railway projects;

–                 LPG-Liquid-Inject Limited (with Wingmate) – to develop an extremely fast engine management system for high pressure liquid petroleum gas (LPG) injection in advanced low emission engines;

–                 Prana Biotechnology Limited (with Industrial Research Limited) – to investigate scalable manufacturing opportunities using industrial biotechnology;

–                 Pitchwise (with The University of Melbourne and Acceleon) – to develop a digital market research tool to enable data-driven decision-making for clients;

–                 MBD Energy Limited (with The University of Melbourne) – to test a new industrial waste water remediation technology;

–                 Karora Living (with Planet Innovation) – to create an affordable integrated air-conditioning and ventilation system;

–                 Truefield Ophthalmic Devices (with Planet Innovation and the University of Melbourne) – to advance its development of a novel ophthalmic device for the detection and management of eye diseases;

–                 Invest F1rst Realty (with Newbiz Solutions) – to introduce a fully electronic, interactive bulletin that provides real-time information on land packages;

–                 Snugfit Australia (with Swinburne University of Technology) – to carry out design and manufacturing of an ergonomic support system, particularly for sleep apnea;

–                 Smartwood (with RMIT University) – to pilot a technology to generate bioenergy from sawdust;

–                 OptoTech (with Swinburne University of Technology) – to develop the next generation of a device for the detection of tumours;

–                 Big Forest (with the University of Melbourne and RMIT University) – to develop a novel visualization platform that converts data from a variety of sources into a 3D tree.