Iconic Australia lawn bowl manufacturer up for sale

Image from Xcllusive Business Sales

Henselite, the Australian-based world leader in the manufacture and supply of Lawn Bowls and associated merchandise has announced the business is now officially for sale.

Henselite fourth-generation owner Mark Hensell said he looks forward to a buyer who will continue to grow the brand in the long-term and seeing the legacy of his fore-fathers live on.

“We’re looking for a buyer who understands the iconic value of an Australian company that has lasted over 100 years and who appreciates ongoing Australian manufacturing.”

“This is a famous Aussie brand and I believe there is a growing trend back towards local manufacturing,” Mr Hensell said. 

Henselite’s business operation has evolved over the years from the manufacture and supply of lawn bowls to active sales across the entire supply chain associated with lawn bowling in all major markets internationally.

Henselite bowls are used by leading players in most premier lawn bowl competitions in Australia, the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth, with Trademarks across all major markets. The bowls are designed and made at the company’s own manufacturing facility in Fairfield, Victoria.

Mr Hensell added that lawn bowlers in the country are passionate about the sport and it holds an importance place in the community.

“I love seeing so many lawn bowlers get pleasure from the pastime of playing the game,” he said.

“They are so passionate about it and that passion is passed onto us, which is heart-warming. Both my great-grandfather and grandfather were passionate lawn bowlers.”

“It’s a very community-based sport and, in lots of country towns in Australia, it is the central meeting point for locals.”

Xcllusive Business Sales Melbourne are the agents chosen to facilitate the sale. The business can be found here: https://www.xcllusive.com.au/businesses-for-sale/iconic-world-number-one-manufacturer-and-supplier-of-bowls-equipment-vic/

Image from Xcllusive Business Sales