Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane dismisses SA government’s Holden plan


The Coalition has dismissed the South Australian government’s response plan to the Holden closure as “blatant made-for-TV politicking”, saying it chooses to lay a strong foundation for the future of the State’s manufacturing rather than give band-aid solutions.

A Holden VE Commodore rolls off the production line in Adelaide. Image: Sydney Morning Herald
A Holden VE Commodore rolls off the production line in Adelaide.
Image: Sydney Morning Herald

On Tuesday SA Premier Jay Weatherill introduced the six-point Our Jobs Plan, which asks the Federal Government to commit $330 million to support South Australia in its efforts. The State Government has also committed $60 million over four years for the initiative.

“Now is not the time to cut and run – now is the time to step up and work together,” Mr Weatherill.

“There are 13,000 South Australian jobs at risk and we need to look after those workers and every other South Australian who will be affected by the closure.”

According to a report on The Australian, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said the government chooses to pursue its own process instead of relying on short term solutions.

“The Australian government is taking a methodical, considered and informed approach to mapping the future of manufacturing in South Australia, in contrast to the blatant made-for-TV politicking and grandstanding by the South Australian Premier,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“If it’s a choice between substance and show – the Coalition chooses substance and consultation over glossy brochures and news sound bites.”

“The Australian government is focused on laying the foundations for the long term future of South Australian manufacturing, not on applying short-term solutions or taxpayer-funded Band-Aids.”

Mr Macfarlane said South Australia is at a point where it faces an opportunity to develop a new approach to industry and manufacturing and that the sectors of the future should grow according to the emerging strengths.

The Industry Minister’s comments come ahead of a manufacturing and industry economic review forum which will be convened by the federal government for the state in Adelaide next month.