Li-S Energy collabs with SafeREnergy in new solid-state lithium sulphur battery project

Image credit: Li-S Energy

Li-S Energy has announced its new partnership with the Australian Research Council for Safe and Reliable Energy (SafeREnergy) on a solid-state lithium-sulphur battery cell development project. 

The three-year, $1.23 million research and development project seeks to highlight the importance of continued exploration and innovation in the battery industry and accelerate efforts to bring solid-state batteries towards mass production, Li-S Energy said in a media release

Li-S Energy will invest $450,000 while SafeREnergy and Deakin University will contribute $360,000 and $417,617, respectively. 

Combining Li-S Energy’s lithium sulphur and lithium metal technologies with solid-state solutions could potentially deliver even higher performance and increased safety, the energy company explained. 

“Our lithium sulfur and lithium metal cells have been scaled up progressively over the last 12 months. Now the opportunity to integrate solid-state technologies has the potential to add significant additional performance and safety advantages to our future commercial cells,” said Lee Finniear, chief executive officer of Li-S Energy. 

“I would like to commend both the ARC Research Hub and Deakin University for their collaboration and significant contribution to this important project. I expect this to enable our battery technology to be even more attractive in its future commercial deployment,” the CEO added. 

According to the company, the rapidly evolving technology and growing demand for batteries further emphasise the significance of exploring complementary solutions that could accelerate the batteries’ development even further. 

The resulting intellectual property from the project will be solely owned by Li-S Energy as part of its battery technology IP portfolio.