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SiBox testing completed, 1414 Degrees moves toward commercialisation

1414 Degrees announced its relocation to the Tonsley Innovation District following the completion of the demonstration phase of its SiBox thermal energy storage project, marking a significant step towards commercialisation.

AVL produces high-purity vanadium electrolyte for VFBs

Australian Vanadium Limited announced the successful commissioning of its vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility, culminating in the production of its inaugural batch of high purity vanadium electrolyte, primed for integration into vanadium flow batteries (VFBs).

Altech unveils ‘excellent’ progress in 60 kWh CERENERGY prototypes

Altech Batteries has characterised its advancements as "excellent," as it undergoes the manufacturing of two ABS60 60 kWh CERENERGY battery prototypes in Germany intended for customer performance testing.

Redflow’s battery tech tops list for 6.6MWh US project grant

Brisbane-based battery manufacturer Redflow Limited has been designated as the preferred energy storage technology for a pioneering project recommended for grant negotiation by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

WA reaches major construction milestone at Kwinana Battery Stage Two

Battery systems at the Kwinana Battery Stage Two in Western Australia are now in place, marking a significant milestone in expanding the state’s battery portfolio.

UNSW engineers develop tech to prolong aqueous zinc battery rechargeability

Researchers from UNSW have unveiled a scalable solution to overcome the rechargeability challenges of aqueous rechargeable zinc battery (AZB) technology. 

AGL clinches $864K ARENA funding for innovative grid solution

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced a grant of $864,000 to AGL to develop and trial a cutting-edge price intensity forecasting tool.

Territory’s LFP battery cathode manufacturing plant hits major milestone

ASX-listed Avenira and Taiwan's ALEEES have signed a license and technology transfer agreement to advance a lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery cathode manufacturing facility at the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct. 

ARENA announces $10 million to back RayGen’s new solar storage plant in Victoria

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has awarded $10 million in funding to RayGen Resources to support the development of its advanced solar and thermal storage technology for commercialisation and full utility-scale deployment. 

MGA Thermal receives $8.25m to expand its energy storage system

Australian clean energy company MGA Thermal has secured $8.25 million in funding as the company moves to scale its long-duration energy storage (LDES) solution. 

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