Lockheed Martin Australia and C4i collaborate to build secure communication system for AIR6500

Image credit: lockheedmartin.com
Media Release by Lockheed Martin Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia has joined forces with C4i, Australian secure communications systems expert, signing a contract as part of a proposal to deliver advanced secure communication capabilities to support the Royal Australian Air Force’s AIR6500 Phase 1 Project (AIR6500-1).

The contract will see the two companies work together to design, test, integrate and authenticate secure voice communication technologies as part of the risk reduction phase in transitioning to Lockheed Martin Australia’s proposal for AIR6500-1 acquisition.

The secure communications systems technologies will focus on homegrown secure voice communication systems that connect into next-generation Joint Air Battlement Management C2 networks, while increasing system security, rapid response and interoperability in support of the RAAF’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) mission.

To sustain this critical system, an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) is being developed that will connect operators while integrating a range of disparate systems–data, radio, telephony, facility control and recording–anywhere, at any time. The HMI will connect across classified and non-classified networks to aid RAAF’s air battle managers make faster data-driven decisions to remain ahead of future threats.

C4i’s Sales & Marketing Director, Kerrie Murphy said, “C4i is delighted to work with Lockheed Martin Australia on AIR6500-1, which further builds on our joint work for the Air Battle Management enterprise.”

“C4i is committed to delivering a purpose-built cyber-proof communication system that enables the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to communicate securely and seamlessly across multiple domains and in the most demanding operations.” She added “We provide secure voice C2 systems that can scale to support hundreds of operators connect, allowing operational flexibility, multiple data paths and no single point of failure. This ensures that personnel on the ground or in the air have the freedom to complete the task at hand – knowing the system behind them is always up to the job.”

Kendell Kuczma, Lockheed Martin Australia International Business Development Director of Rotary and Missions Systems said, “Lockheed Martin Australia is delighted to collaborate with C4i.”

“We understand the ADF needs reliable, fast, secure voice communication systems they can depend on during operations. This contract demonstrates our commitment to build a sovereign voice communication system for AIR6500-1 to enable rapid decision-making at tactical and strategic levels of command and control across joint force operations.”

“This vital work strengthens the cyber security of Lockheed Martin Australia’s open systems architecture program solution for AIR6500-1 to meet current and future operational needs of the ADF.”

“Our trusted record of delivering highly sophisticated C2 joint all domain platforms combined with C4i’s cutting-edge expertise in interoperable C2 voice systems, means we are the natural strategic partner of choice to deliver an AIR6500 system of systems that will ensure persistent defence against future air and missile threats to protect Australia’s national security,” Ms. Kuczma said.

Lockheed Martin Australia is one of the two shortlisted companies selected to participate in the Commonwealth of Australia’s AIR6500 Competitive Evaluation Process to lead the design, development and delivery of the Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS). The successful strategic partner for the JABMS is expected to be announced in late 2023.