Manison arrives in Seoul to reinforce critical mineral ties for the NT

Image credit: Nicole Manison

The Northern Territory’s Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison has arrived in Seoul, South Korea to engage in direct meetings with potential investors to re-establish strong relationships focusing on the critical minerals and renewable technologies sectors

Face-to-face engagement will improve relations and expand trade opportunities with Korea, as the minister is keen to reestablish solid relationships, the government said in a media release.

This trip’s goal is to forge new connections with possible investors in the Territory’s energy industry and critical mineral developments, the government highlighted.

Manison said the goal is to attract new companies to the Territory, increase its GDP to $40 billion by 2030, and significantly contribute to the global energy transformation.

South Korea is one of the Northern Territory’s main trading partners, and given that it has an intense thirst for technical development, it is likely that this relationship will continue to grow and prosper, the government said.

Asia is very interested in the Northern Territory’s ability to supply essential minerals for high-tech, battery storage, and renewable energy businesses, it added.

Direct exchanges with potential investors will be held as part of engagements, and networking events will be provided to highlight the opportunities in the Northern Territory.

The trip to Seoul comes after a series of productive conversations with companies, investors, and government officials in Tokyo.

Manison claimed that NT’s message was received with great attention in Tokyo, emphasising that the state is open for business, committed to facilitating investment, and has the capacity to guarantee energy security.

“In South Korea, the opportunity will be taken to deliver the same message and to reset and rebuild our trade relationship with this really important partner,” the deputy prime minister noted.