Markforged rolls out PX100 Binder Jetting system in Australia


Markforged announced the local Australian launch of its newest printer, the PX100 Bender Jetting solution, following the acquisition of Digital Metal last year.

The PX100 Binder Jetting technology, created by Digital Metal over nearly 20 years, enables manufacturers to produce large numbers of high-quality components, enabling part customisation at scale, the company said in a press release. 

The CEO of Digital Metal, Christian Lönne, will present the capabilities of the PX100 and give his thoughts on the future of metal binder jetting technology in Australia from March 13 to 17 as part of the five-city launch tour in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Tasmania.

Lönne stated that Markforged takes the next step in its long-term commitment to genuine serial production with the introduction of the new solution. 

Markforged said its Metal Binder Jetting 3D printing brings manufacturing home, offering supply chain resilience and capabilities to manufacture small to large-scale serial production of metal parts at the point of need. 

He added that the Markforged Metal Binder Jetting 3D printing brings manufacturing closer to home, providing supply chain resilience and the ability to produce small to large-scale serial production of metal parts at the point of need. 

“The PX100 offers a unique combination of high precision and high throughput to ensure the user gets a robust production solution using the latest technology and innovation as well as being a future-proof platform to support manufacturing needs for years to come,” Lönne noted. 

Meanwhile, Richard Elving, senior director of Markforged in Australia, expressed how thrilled he was to share the news of the PX100 Binder Jetting system’s debut, and what he describes as a ground-breaking innovation that will transform high-volume metal production in Australian manufacturing.

“With this innovative solution, our customers can eliminate third-party supplier risks and costs, insource critical production runs, and build large quantities of discrete or customized parts with precision and reliability,” Elving said.