Minister Husic to showcase Australian regulations at UK AI Safety Summit

Image credit: peshkova/

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic is set to represent Australia at the upcoming AI Safety Summit in the United Kingdom to discuss the role of artificial intelligence safety and transparency in boosting community trust. 

Husic will join the Ministers’ level discussions at the summit from 1 to 2 November, in a bid to reinforce Australia’s credibility and leadership in driving the safe and responsible use of AI. 

During the event, Husic will showcase the work already underway in Australia, and discuss possible guardrails to support AI transparency, accountability and fairness, as well as the country’s world-leading AI capabilities. 

The minister will also meet with counterparts to explore collaboration opportunities on a range of critical and emerging technologies, including quantum and robotics. 

“The UK AI Summit is important and timely. It brings leaders from around the world, and across government, academia and industry, to explore solutions to better ensure the safe and responsible use of AI,” Minister Husic said

“In Australia, we recognise that AI and automation can provide a massive opportunity to boost productivity, but this will only be possible if the right guardrails are in place to build public trust.”

Australia has made significant investments in technology development, including $75.7 million of new and continuing funding allocated for AI initiatives and $60 million for programs aimed at growing the Australian quantum sector. 

The Federal Government is also targeting $1 billion for critical technologies through the National Reconstruction Fund and $392 million for the Industry Growth Program for startups and small to medium businesses.