MITS Alloy unveils new initiatives to revolutionise manufacturing capabilities in 2023

MITS Alloy products in Flinders Ranges. Image supplied.

MITS Alloy announced a number of initiatives to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities in order to expand its global footprint and customer reach, including the transition to a new manufacturing facility and the development of its distribution partner platform in the United States, South America, and Indonesia.

Tony Brooks, MITS Alloy managing director, said that the aluminium tray and canopy expert has formed joint ventures with key suppliers to assure supply continuity and productivity advantages.

Brooks further stated that the company is in talks with possible overlanding and 4×4 industry partners in the UAE.

Following substantial research and development, the MITS Alloy said its experts have devised a method based on interlocking structural frame construction. 

This allowed MITS Alloy to abandon the traditional aluminium extrusion and flat-sheet assembly method for these items. 

According to the company’s press release, the technique significantly minimises the amount of work necessary for pre-welding the structural assembly and shortens the assembly process as well as lowers worker fatigue. 

Furthermore, MITS Alloy has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its production procedures “to entice trade professionals to join us and improve efficiencies in production, focusing on menial tasks aversion.”

Brooks remarked, “We have also spent considerable energy and resources on customer-centric processes to enhance the overall experience when dealing with MITS Alloy.”

Aside from these improvements, Brooks went on to say that MITS Alloy was featured on the cover of the US magazine MotorTrend last year, which offered recognition in the North American market and positioned the company as a big brand in the “overlanding”  industry. 

In 2022, MITS Alloy was duly named Manufacturer of the Year (50 or more employees) by Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA).

According to HMA, MITS Alloy exhibits the “resilience and flexible approach” necessary to compete and succeed worldwide. 

HMA is the official representative of all manufacturing-related companies in the Upper Hunter, Lower Hunter, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Mid-North Coast districts. 

The awards promote, reward, and motivate thriving and long-lasting production in various areas. 

This year, MITS Alloy revealed that it will host HMA 2023, which puts a strong emphasis on global reach by highlighting the expansion of manufacturing in the Hunter and praising the innovations and dedication. 

With the slogan “made in the Hunter, for the world” for 2023, the organisation said it is eager to promote the idea of international prospects. For inquiries about the event, you may visit this link.