New Green Chemical Futures facility for a stronger manufacturing industry


Senator Scott Ryan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training, has officially opened Monash University’s new Green Chemical Futures (GCF) building which is expected to foster the partnerships between research and industry that are critical to securing competitive advantage for Australia’s economy.

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Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA) CEO Samantha Read said the new 5-Star Green Star-rated facility would provide exciting new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in Australian research and manufacturing.

“Collaborative innovation in science and industry is key to driving advanced manufacturing, improving products and processes and contributing to sustainable economic growth into the future,” Ms Read said.

“The chemistry industry is proactively seeking opportunities to encourage growth and competitiveness by joining forces with Australia’s research community. This is vital to realising our vision of a manufacturing industry that secures long-term benefits for the economy, society and the environment.”

According to the press release by PACIA, GCF will house over 100 chemists and engineers delivering targeted, industry-driven scientific research and outcomes across 17 specialist sectors.

It will also include training programs for industry practitioners and new laboratory spaces for over 1,000 students and 100 industry partners.

Ms Read said that a recently commissioned report by the Office of Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, reinforced the belief that Australia can build a healthy manufacturing industry in collaboration with the country’s scientific entities.

“The report found that advanced physical and mathematical sciences contribute around $145 billion per year to the Australian economy, or about 11% of GDP. The flow on effect is double that figure at $292 billion each year,” she added.

“We are proud of this opportunity to build on our successful partnership with Monash University, CSIRO and EPA Victoria, and acknowledge the valued funding provided by the Federal Government through the Education Investment Fund.”