New manufacturing hub opens in Queensland

Image Credit: Queensland Government

The Queensland State Government has established a new manufacturing hub in an effort to boost private sector investment and create more jobs local jobs.

Located at Gladstone’s Central Queensland University, the hub will function as a centre of expertise for advanced manufacturing, providing innovative training and advice and focusing on developing the region’s growing hydrogen industry, renewable energy sector and biofuels.

The hub will be closely connected to the Queensland Government’s $10 million Rockhampton Manufacturing Hub and will complement the work of the Rockhampton Hub focusing on Central Queensland’s key manufacturing strengths of rail, metal production and food innovation.

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing Glenn Butcher said the Gladstone Manufacturing Hub will be an access point for local manufacturers to develop their skills and expertise for advanced manufacturing.

“We’re aiming to take the manufacturing industry to new heights in Gladstone, which is already one of Queensland’s industrial powerhouses with access to a significant State Development Area and the Port of Gladstone,” Mr Butcher said.

“With a dedicated hub team member squarely focused on the Gladstone area, manufacturers can get expert advice tailored to the local market.”

Central Queensland University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp said the hub will promote collaboration between the manufacturing industry, education providers and researchers.

“Readying Gladstone’s workforce to transition into advanced manufacturing requires dedication to innovation, transformation and continued learning,” Professor Klomp concluded.

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