New report spotlights Australia’s unique edge in robotics

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A new market report from automation marketplace HowToRobot and Robotics Australia Group, a peak body for robotics in Australia, has revealed an overview of how the nation’s robotics sector is tapping into its unique edge in the global robotics race. 

The 2023 Market Overview of Robot and Automation Companies in Australia shows an emerging and rapidly growing industry of 466 robot and automation suppliers with a unique potential to cater to the growing global demand for robotics and automation. 

“Many societies struggle with labour shortages and aging populations and need robots and automation to maintain living standards. They will count on robots to automate not only factories but also many other sectors, where Australia has a strong focus,” says Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot.

According to the report, Australia’s robots industry has specialised in automation for both factory and field, including many sectors not traditionally served by robotics companies in other markets. 

This includes the mining sector, which is served by 29 per cent of Australia’s robotics companies. Construction and agriculture & forestry sectors are also strongly represented, with 20 per cent and 19 per cent of robotics companies catering to each sector, respectively. 

Meanwhile, the top industries served by most robotics suppliers include metal & machinery with 47 per cent of suppliers, logistics with 42 per cent, and food & beverage with 30 per cent. 

“As a country with vast geography and few people, we have developed a special expertise in field robotics, which can operate in challenging, unstructured environments,” said Dr Sue Keay, chair of Robotics Australia Group. 

These include robots used in agriculture, underwater robots for offshore inspection, and mobile robots for inspecting outdoor areas that are difficult to access. 

Peters said the effort to map out robotics providers in the country is aimed at helping businesses find the right robotics and automation providers. 

“Providing an overview of the industry is a first step towards bringing our global marketplace to Australia and making it easier for businesses to find the right robotics and automation providers,” he added. 

The 2023 Market Overview of Robot and Automation Companies in Australia is based on research conducted through a collaboration between and Robotics Australia Group. 

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