Phebra unveils new Australian-made sterile theatre pack

Image credit: Phebra

Pharmaceutical company Phebra announced the launch of its first product in a sterile theatre pack manufactured on its new production line at the company’s expanded multi-purpose Sydney manufacturing plant.

The company said Bupivacaine 0.5 per cent with Adrenaline 1:200,000 Phebra is an anaesthetic and analgesic medication used primarily by surgeons and anesthetists for field blocks and spinal blocks. 

This sterile theatre pack made in Australia is available to public and private hospitals across the country, according to a media release. 

Phebra CEO Andre Vlok said the new product is yet another example of how the company collaborates and innovates with Australian healthcare professionals to deliver often intricate, fit-for-purpose pharmaceutical products.

“We received feedback from anaesthetists and surgeons about the value of pre-prepared sterile theatre packs, which are designed to make it more convenient to access medication directly from a sterile vial in the operating room. This prevents the risk of infections and improves the overall outcome for the patient,” Vlok said.

Vlok added that Phebra’s expanded multi-purpose plant at Lane Cove West has given the company greater manufacturing capacity and capability.

It also allowed Phebra to commission a new line for the design and production of sterile theatre packs to meet the clinicians’ specific needs for surgical procedures, according to Vlok. 

“The team at Phebra has always worked collaboratively with healthcare professionals in the specialist development, formulation and manufacture of intricate pharmaceutical products, and we’re proud of our recent investment in an innovative sterile theatre pack manufacturing technology, the first of its kind developed in Australia by Australian scientists and engineers. We have optimised and improved conventional processes leading to sustainable domestic supply,” Vlok expounded. 

The announcement once more confirms Phebra’s long-standing dedication to R&D and domestic production, according to the CEO, adding that it is crucial for the country to have resilient supply chains to ensure the delivery of life-saving medications to Australian patients.

Phebra is commemorating 30 years of critical medicine development and production this year. 

Over 65 of its products are supplied to institutions in Australia and abroad to treat dangerous and life-threatening illnesses.

In the future, according to Vlok, Phebra plans to expand its selection of sterile theatre packs.