Heavy-duty cleaning for heavy industries

Godfreys Commercial, Antea 50
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For those looking to make light work of tough jobs, the Antea 50 walk-behind floor scrubber combines powerful performance with intuitive and smooth handling –– for commercial cleaning at your convenience. 

With decades of experience under its belt, Comac is the expert in cleaning solutions. Its impressive and easy-to-use Antea 50 walk-behind floor scrubber is robust, resilient, and reliable – designed to improve productivity and reduce the cost of cleaning operations. So, no matter your industry, you can maintain a clean and hygienic workspace and keep your team safe.

Complete with three different brush head types to get optimal results — disc brush, cylindrical brushes (BTS) and the orbital pad (BTO) — the Antea 50 makes light work of dirt and grime on many flooring surfaces, no matter how tough the job at hand.

Note that models with disc brush heads are available both in battery and electric-powered options. 

Not only will the Antea 50 provide an excellent clean, but that level of care extends onboard too. Thanks to an additive included during the tank moulding process, the Antea 50 allows the bacterial load to be kept at lower average levels than on standard tanks of other machines.

The robust and heavy-duty nature of the Antea 50 doesn’t compromise on comfort or convenience. Designed with four wheels and compact dimensions, the Antea 50 is stable and highly manoeuvrable — making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Furthermore, its clever design makes it intuitive and smooth to drive, with simple controls that ensure anyone can use it. Switch to ECO mode at the push of a button and you’ll save on energy and water consumption while controlling noise levels, for a harmonious clean.

With the technical characteristics and functions that make it a professional floor scrubber suitable for both maintenance and heavy-duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m, the Antea 50 is the solution to cleaning a wide range of commercial and manufacturing spaces.