Public comments sought to update Australia’s critical minerals list

Lithium processing infrastructure at Allkem’s Mt Cattlin operations. Image credit: | Allkem

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources is seeking public feedback on updating Australia’s critical minerals list after the Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 was released last month. 

Australia’s critical minerals list was last updated on 16 March 2022. Updating the list will ensure that Australia’s policies reflect the current global context and can evolve over time along with global markets and other countries’ policies, the Department of Industry, Science and Resources said in its consultation notice

The list currently consists of minerals essential to modern technologies, economies, and national security and those whose supply chains are vulnerable to disruption. It also includes minerals that are important to Australia’s strategic partners and can serve as economic geological resources for the country. 

The public consultation will look into the current criteria for including minerals on the list, and whether the list needs to have categories or priorities. 

Public opinion on when minerals should be added to or removed from the list will also be considered, along with possible events that should trigger an update to the list. 

Responses to the public consultation will be accepted until 17 August. To make a submission regarding and for more information, visit