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Australia looks into mandatory guardrails to ensure safe, responsible AI

The Australian government is considering imposing mandatory regulations for artificial intelligence development and deployment in high-risk settings in response to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation. 

Australia rolls out National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy

The Department of Industry, Science, and Resources has launched the National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy, outlining initiatives that will help the nation achieve a more sustainable and globally competitive rail manufacturing sector. 

Australia’s nuclear medicine manufacturing capability gets gov’t boost

The Australian government is investing in the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to boost Australia’s sovereign capability to manufacture nuclear medicine that will help in the treatment of diseases like cancer.

Public feedback sought for $40 million Critical Technologies Challenge Program

The Australian government has kickstarted a public consultation for the $40.2 million Critical Technologies Challenge program, which, along with the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program, aims to help the nation stay at the forefront of quantum development. 

Public comments sought to update Australia’s critical minerals list

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources is seeking public feedback on updating Australia’s critical minerals list after the Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 was released last month. 

Public feedback sought for new $392 million Industry Growth Program

The Australian government has begun soliciting public feedback on the new Industry Growth Program (IGP), which will support small businesses in realising and commercialising their product ideas.

Australia’s critical minerals, clean energy tech sectors to see boost in 2023

Australia’s lithium and base metal industries are expected to be worth approximately $47 billion in the current financial year amid strong demand in the country’s clean energy technology sector. 

Australian gov’t solicits feedback on gas security mechanism reforms

The Australian Government is seeking comments on proposed changes to the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism (ADGSM), which will guarantee that Australia has enough gas to meet domestic demand while safeguarding long-term international agreements.

Revealing the hidden resource potential of Tasmania

New data will put the spotlight on the hidden geology beneath the feet of Tasmanians, as part of the Australian Government’s Exploring for the Future program.

Bringing manufacturing back to Australia

The federal government recently introduced a $15 billion landmark bill that would support, diversify and transform Australia’s industry and economy in an effort to reclaim its reputation as a country that makes things. 

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