Smart Manufacturing Conference to showcase latest technologies, role of AI in the industry

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The upcoming Smart Manufacturing Conference, a feature event of the 2023 Modern Manufacturing Expo, is slated to feature the latest in smart technologies and processes to help local manufacturers gain a competitive edge, according to Marie Kinsella, CEO of the International Exhibition & Conference (IEC) Group. 

She said that the conference is designed to give manufacturers a more intimate setting to help them put learning into practice in their own factories and equip them with the tools needed to keep up with the environment that the industry is currently experiencing. 

With a theme, ‘Connected, Automated and Digital Transformation’, the event will grace Mergen Pillay, director of Factoryworx, who will give a presentation on ‘The Future of Manufacturing According to AI.’

Pillay will discuss the potential and challenges that Australian manufacturers will face in the future, followed by a live AI Q&A session.

Kinsella described AI-powered systems as a technology that can also help manufacturers adapt to demand variability,” adding that it “can quickly adjust production levels to match changing demand patterns, ensuring an efficient response to fluctuations.” 

It is claimed that predictive maintenance systems driven by AI can discover equipment flaws before they cause failures. 

This is facilitated by the use of real-time data analysis in these systems, in which data from sensors and equipment may provide insight into production performance, predicting malfunctions and allowing producers to make fast modifications.

“Using AI to aid with predictive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, lowers maintenance costs and ensures that machines are used optimally,” Kinsella stated.

While AI technologies provide considerable benefits to manufacturing processes, there are numerous issues that businesses must solve when implementing these technologies. 

These include, among other things, data quality and availability, data privacy, complexity, and expenses, as stated in a press release. 

According to Kinsella, relying solely on AI systems without human oversight can result in problems if the AI models make bad decisions or if the system runs into unforeseen circumstances. 

“These challenges, and how to overcome them will be in full focus at the Smart Manufacturing Conference,” she said. 

Kinsella urged manufacturers to attend the event and discover how to take full advantage of these technologies so that they can operate with higher precision and better utilise their resources to boost competitiveness and customer satisfaction. 

The Modern Manufacturing Expo will be held from 20 to 21 September at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. 

The two-day will exhibit the most recent manufacturing techniques and technology required to power up operations and accelerate the introduction of new concepts and products to the market.