South Australia welcomes the revival of Halls beverage production

Image credit: Halls Soft Drinks

South Australia’s beverage brand Halls is back in action, bringing with it the nostalgia of classic soft drinks that have been a part of South Australian culture for generations.

In a news release, the government announced that the production of beloved beverages such as Halls Lemonade, Lemon Twist, and Fruita is now in full swing, with consumers anticipating their return to store shelves in the coming months.

The revival of Halls’ soft drinks is taking place at the former MOJO Kombucha production facility located in Willunga.

This facility became available when Coca-Cola exited the Kombucha market, leaving a promising opportunity for Halls to rekindle its production.

To support the return of Halls, the South Australian Government has made a substantial contribution of $500,000 from the Thriving Regions Fund to facilitate the operation of the Willunga bottling facility.

According to the government, this assistance is not only a boost for the iconic brand but also an investment in the local economy and workforce.

Halls’ commitment to its revival is evident in its rehiring of five former staff members, and there are plans for further expansion.

The brand has a storied history in South Australia, with its roots dating back to 1849 when George Hall established the brand at a site in Marryatville.

Over time, his sons joined the business, and by 1872, the company had moved to larger premises in Norwood, east of Adelaide.

Fast forward a century, and Halls became a part of the Coca-Cola family, continuing its production at the Thebarton bottling plant until its discontinuation in 2000. Now, with a fresh start and an appreciation for its rich heritage, Halls is reintroducing its classic soft drinks to the market.

These beloved beverages are making a return in their classic glass bottles. The production of the 330mL bottles is already underway, and soon, one-litre varieties will join the production line, ensuring that Halls’ fans can once again enjoy the taste they know and love.

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas expressed his nostalgia, stating, “I, like many South Australians have fond memories of Halls soft drinks, and I know many will leap at the chance to get another taste of Fruita, Lemon Twist or Halls Lemonade.”

He continued, “I’m very pleased my Government can play a role in helping re-establish this icon, in a key part of our state, creating jobs and industry.”

Meanwhile, Cameron Ballard, CEO of Halls, expressed gratitude for the public’s overwhelming interest and support, saying, “The level of public interest and support surrounding the come back of Halls Soft Drinks has been quite unbelievable, and extremely humbling.”

“We are beyond excited to now be in production and nearing the day that South Australians can finally enjoy Halls once again,” he stated.