Sydac set to make first rail simulator delivery in India


Sydac is preparing to hand over its first rail simulator to India as part of the $30 million contract with the government owned Indian Railways that the Adelaide-based simulation systems company signed last year.

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Sydac Managing Director Dermot Dixon said the contract was the largest of its kind in the world in terms of scale and value and would drastically improve India’s rail safety.

“Our focus is on providing thousands of India’s drivers with simulated training using twelve full-cab rail simulators and 60 desk simulators in twelve cities, including the main centres of Mumbai and Kolkata. Sydac will also build training centres across India over the next three years,” Mr Dixon said.

“On the back of our success in the rail sector, Sydac is now focusing on opportunities in India’s commercial vehicle sector, including providing simulators to help train bus and truck drivers. Very promising meetings were arranged through the State Government that should position Sydac well to compete in a huge market to increase the safety on Indian roads.”

Stark Area Regional Transport Authority Executive Director Steve Shearer said the simulator was equipped to provide an accurate experience for drivers and had the potential to improve safety in Australia.

“The benefits of this simulation technology are wide reaching, including driver training to improve skills, awareness and safety and secondly to assist in future road design testing,” Mr Shearer said.

“Many truck drivers have tried the simulator at various trade shows and agree that it’s realistic and enlightening – it enables drivers to gain experience in a diversity of road conditions.”

Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith, who led Australia’s largest ever trade mission to India last week, said the simulator was scheduled to be delivered in the city of Jodhpur next month.

“Sydac is a South Australian business that continues to strengthen its strategic advantage in the high-tech sector, to export its products and services, and drive jobs growth in South Australia,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“The Indian railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world, carrying more than 24 million passengers and 2.8 tonnes of freight daily – Sydac has identified this potential.”

During his visit to India, the Minster met with key stakeholders in the country in an effort to assist South Australian exporters sell their expertise to international markets and generate new skilled jobs.

He said the mission represented a broad range of sectors, including food and wine, arts, education, health, mining and resources, tourism, defence and advanced manufacturing, demonstrating SA Government’s commitment to become the leader in a new era of prosperity.