Sydney amps up electric vehicle adoption with expanded charging network

Image credit: City of Sydney, Ausgrid

Sydney’s electric vehicle (EV) drivers now have increased on-street charging opportunities, with nine low-impact plug-in points strategically placed for the convenience of residents and visitors, as announced in a media release by the City of Sydney and Ausgrid.

This milestone initiative, a result of a collaborative trial between the City of Sydney, Ausgrid, and EV charging infrastructure partner EVX, reflects the city’s proactive approach to its Electrification of Transport strategy and action plan.

Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, emphasised the significance of reducing transport emissions to achieve net zero targets.

“Drastically lowering transport emissions is critical to meeting our net zero targets. We are making great inroads by improving active and public transport options, but ensuring remaining private vehicle use is as green as possible is also incredibly important,” Mayor Moore stated.

The collaboration addresses a key challenge for EV owners residing in areas with limited access to private parking.

Recognising this, the City of Sydney, in conjunction with Ausgrid and EVX, strategically deployed eight power pole-mounted chargers across the city, showcasing a commitment to accessibility and environmental sustainability.

Ausgrid Group Executive of Distributed Services Rob Amphlett Lewis highlighted the effectiveness of power pole-mounted chargers in expediting the transition to EVs.

“Power pole-mounted chargers are faster and cheaper to deploy than other kerbside charging units and reduce urban clutter, causing less disruption to our surrounding communities,” said Lewis.

The EVX pole charger, an Australian-made innovation, addresses challenges faced by utility providers and local governments in building sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

EVX CEO Andrew Forster expressed pride in the partnership, stating, “Areas of inner Sydney with little or no off-street parking will greatly benefit from this service, and these new chargers have been strategically located to serve these communities.”

Residents and visitors can access 14 dedicated EV charging spaces at the eight new locations, all provided free of charge by the City of Sydney.

To facilitate access and payment, users are required to download an app directly from EVX.

Residents are already experiencing the benefits of the infrastructure, with Millers Point resident Melanie Tait describing the charger as a “game-changer.”

She added, “The houses here were built in the early to late 1800s when everyone was getting about by horse, so we are reliant on street-based infrastructure.”

These nine on-street charging stations are strategically located across Sydney to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure.

The charging points can be found at the following addresses: 16 Kent Street in Millers Point, 12 Trinity Avenue in Dawes Point, 55 Pyrmont Street in Pyrmont, 8 Brown Street in Newtown, 15 Carillon Avenue in Camperdown, 3-19 Yurong Street in Darlinghurst, 2 Huntley Street in Alexandria, 27 Morley Avenue in Rosebery, and 75 St Johns Road in Glebe.

Mayor Clover Moore underscored the environmental aspect, stating, “With over 8% of new cars sold in Australia now EVs, the scale-up of charging infrastructure is only going to become more important.”

He continued, “Being able to install these eight new chargers in just a week shows that rapid deployment of new kerbside charging infrastructure is possible to meet the rising demand.”

EV drivers are encouraged to explore the NSW Government’s EV charging map for a comprehensive list of public charging sites in the area.