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3D-printed tumour model paves way for faster, affordable, and less invasive cancer care

An international research team from the University of Waterloo has developed an innovative method that combines advanced bioprinting technologies with synthetic structures, such as microfluidic chips, to enhance 3D modelling of complex cancers.

Abused toucan gets a new lease on life thanks to 3D printing

3D Systems announced that its digital manufacturing solutions played a critical role in the rehabilitation of a Costa Rican toucan that lost a large...

Industry scouts on the hunt for talented digital disrupters at the Sydney University graduate...

The University of Sydney is set to open the annual Design Lab graduate show at its Tin Sheds Gallery on 26 November, which is...

Find out how 3D printing created the perfect lightweight titanium horse shoe

Scientists from the CSIRO have produced a set of purple titanium shoes for one Melbourne race horse using 3D printing technology. The horse which was...

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