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MagCAD partners with 3DPRINTUK to 3D-print specialised bike parts on demand

In recent years, the cycling industry has undergone an immense transformation, owing mostly to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. One of these technologies, 3D printing, has played a significant role in allowing companies like MagCAD to revolutionise the sector through customised solutions and products.

Solid Solutions acquires additive manufacturing service bureau 3DPRINTUK

London-based 3D printing company 3DPRINTUK has been acquired by Solid Solutions and will become part of the TriMech Group in a push to bolster the latter’s design and production services.

Post-processing crucial in streamlining part production, says 3DPRINTUK official

While the printers serve as its workhorses, the post-processing and dispatch division at London-based 3DPRINTUK is the “beating heart of the company” because of its operating system created in-house to enable a quick sorting of components and to indicate to users which part has what finish, says order manager Rebecca Wilkes.

3DPRINTUK ranks in Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2023 list

London-based 3D printing company 3DPRINTUK has earned a spot on the Financial Times 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe list, with an absolute growth rate of 171.6 per cent.

3D Printing — so what?

Anyone remotely interested in marketing will have often heard about the so-called “so what” test. However grand the claim made about a new product or service, however hyperbolic the statements around it are if it doesn’t pass the customer “so what” test it will most likely fall flat, or at best not achieve hoped-for attention.

3D printing — driving business in the automotive sector

Article by Nick Allen, managing director at 3DPRINTUK The automotive sector is driven by the need for quality parts, delivered in a timely fashion, and...
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Rolling In The Deep — A Case Study In The Use Of 3d Printing...

Article by Nick Allen, Managing Director, 3DPRINTUK 3D printed parts are now common-place in end-use applications, but not all are used in as exacting an...

Pandemic Supply Chain Issues Continue

Article by Nick Allen, Managing Director, 3DPRINTUK Many commentators have recently been discussing the supply chain issues that bedevil the world in the backdraft caused...

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