Monday, August 15, 2022
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It’s a go – ChAFTA enabling legislation passes Federal Senate

The implementing legislation for the China – Australia Free Trade Agreement, also known as ChAFTA, passed the Senate, placing Australian businesses a step closer...

Frosty Boy Australia enjoys a taste of China during trade talks

Frosty Boy Chief Executive Dirk Pretorius has returned to Australia with a positive outlook for the country’s manufacturers and businesses looking to break into...

Australia and China ink landmark FTA

After 10 years in the making, Australia’s Trade Minister, Andrew Robb, and China’s Commerce Minister, Gao Hucheng signed the landmark bilateral Free Trade Agreement...

Trade department to begin new research to aid Australian exporters

Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb has launched a new detailed research with the purpose of pin-pointing the obstacles facing Australian exporters. According to a...

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The Australian Advantage

The Australian Made claim has never been more powerful than right now. It tells consumers products that carry the claim are made to some of the world’s highest manufacturing and safety standards, with inputs often sourced from Australia’s clean green environment. It also makes a compelling statement about generating local jobs and economic activity.