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Nano-spiked silicon surface destroys 96% of virus particles, says researchers

A team of researchers, headed by RMIT University, has created and manufactured a surface with virus-killing capabilities, offering the potential for mitigating disease transmission in hospitals, labs, and similar high-risk settings.

New ARC Research Hub to deliver sustainable fibre materials to Australian market

The Australian Research Council has officially opened the new ARC Research Hub for Functional and Sustainable Fibres which will boost productivity and competitiveness in the advanced manufacturing industry. 

Monash startup develops improved membrane technology for expanded lithium production

ElectraLith, a start-up spun out of Monash University, is developing technology that promises to dramatically increase the efficiency of lithium manufacturing, a critical mineral for battery technologies used in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

Li-S Energy claims increase in energy density from semi-solid state sulfur battery

Australian battery manufacturer Li-S Energy has developed a twenty-layer battery cell utilising its third-generation (GEN3) semi-solid state lithium sulfur technology that packs in more energy density and is safer and more reliable than its prior product. 

New ARC research hub to tackle key competitive challenges confronting Australia’s industries

A new Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology (CPT) has been launched at Monash University on Monday. Jointly funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC)...

New ARC Research Hub to boost Australia’s steel industry

The ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing, which was officially launched last week at Parliament House by Minister for Industry, the Hon Ian Macfarlane...

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