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Australian industry leaders ‘more cautious’ in 2024 – Ai Group survey

Australian industry leaders are entering 2024 with significantly more caution and concern than the year before, according to the latest Industry Outlook report from the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group). 

Consortium frontlines Australia’s push for renewable superpower status

The Federal Government is currently deliberating on a renewable superpower strategy, emphasising the transformative potential of a global shift towards net-zero emissions.

Revolutionising Manufacturing Efficiency: ANCA’s AIMS Enables 66 Hours of Unattended Operations with Industry 4.0...

In today's increasingly globalised world, the strength and resilience of a nation depend on its ability to nurture and grow strategic industries.

Federal budget measures only partially address industry’s needs – Ai Group

The Federal Government’s first annual budget for 2023-24 has the industry talking, with Ai Group’s Innes Willox remarking the budget “unfortunately lacks the urgency and imagination required to power the Australian economy through a period of anaemic growth.”

Australian industry remains in contraction for a year— Ai Group

The Australian industry marked its 12th consecutive month in construction territory after seeing a fallback in demand and activity in April. 

Ai Group calls for urgent action in decarbonising global economy with 5 goals

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), as part of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative, has identified five objectives in a collective statement to enable the heavy industry to transition to net zero emissions in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Ai Group urges SA gov’t to make early AUKUS investment

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has released a pre-budget submission urging the South Australian government to balance current challenges with the investment required...

Ai Group to help SMEs adopt digital transformation

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has been named as the ongoing custodian of futuremap, a diagnostic platform developed by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) to assist SMEs in embracing digital transformation.

Ai Group: Australian industry contracts for ninth straight month

The Ai Group’s newly launched Australian Industry Index has dropped 10.5 points to -11.6 points in December/January 2023, marking the industry’s ninth month of contraction since May 2022.

Federal government launches consultation for Safeguard Mechanism reforms

The Australian government has begun soliciting public feedback for proposed Safeguard Mechanism reforms and drafted provisions for the $1.9 billion Powering the Regions Fund. 

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