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Minister Husic to promote EV, battery tech cooperation with Indonesia

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic is set to visit Indonesia to promote cooperation and collaboration to boost battery technologies and electric vehicle manufacturing in both countries. 

Redflow battery technology selected for long-duration energy storage project in Spain

ASX-listed clean energy storage developer Redflow is delivering its zinc-bromine battery technology for a long-duration energy storage project as part of a partnership with Spain-based ACCIONA Energia. 

PFAS study among recipients of ARC’s Discovery Early Career Research Award

Dr Shervin Kabiri, a Mortlock fellow at the School of Agriculture at the University of Adelaide, has been awarded $400,000 as part of the Australian Research Council's Discovery Early Career Research Award scheme to examine the impact of perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS).

ReNu Energy invests additional $250,000 in battery casing manufacturer Vaulta

ReNu Energy has completed its third tranche investment in battery casing technology company Vaulta Holdings valued at $250,000 through the exercise of options from the first two tranches made in January and April. 

Monash startup develops improved membrane technology for expanded lithium production

ElectraLith, a start-up spun out of Monash University, is developing technology that promises to dramatically increase the efficiency of lithium manufacturing, a critical mineral for battery technologies used in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

Victoria announces measures to train future renewable energy workforce

The Victorian government has rolled out a series of efforts focused on preparing the future workforce for jobs needed in the state’s decarbonisation journey and delivering cheap renewable energy to Victorians. 

Sparc provides update on SIB cell manufacturing project with QUT

Technology solutions company Sparc Technologies Limited has shared an update on its collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to develop a sustainable hard carbon anode material for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs).

New silicon extraction process to divert old solar panels from landfill

Scientists from Deakin University have successfully extracted silicon from end-of-life solar panels and converted it into a nanomaterial that can be used in the development of a new type of battery anode. 

Recharge Industries, Deakin University to forge AI’s role in creating better batteries

Recharge Industries has ventured into a partnership with Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute to leverage AI in making better batteries. 

New method developed to make cheaper, more efficient EV fuel cells

Researchers from the UNSW Science School of Chemistry have developed a new technique for creating tiny 3D materials that could potentially help make cheaper and more sustainable fuel cells like hydrogen batteries. 


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