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Beyond the surface: The power of density determination in additive manufacturing

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a ground-breaking technology with transformative potential. From aerospace to healthcare, AM has revolutionized industries by enabling the creation of complex, customized parts with unprecedented precision.

Fraunhofer endorses value of Dimensionics density determination tech for additively manufactured parts

Germany-based Fraunhofer IAPT has commissioned an independent study of the various additive manufacturing (AM) density determination technologies available and discovered that Dimensionics Density's automated density determination is recommended in areas where a density statement must be made quickly or frequently. 

Dimensionics unveils density determination tech for 3D-printed parts

Germany-headquartered Dimensionics Density has commercially introduced an automated density determination technology for additive manufacturing (AM), with a particular focus on the validation of AM parts.


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