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Panasonic unveils PH3 hydrogen fuel cell for Australian market

Panasonic is set to introduce commercial sales of Hydrogen Fuel Cells to the Australian market starting October 2024, acknowledging the burgeoning green hydrogen industry's growth in the country.

Deakin University to house Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell R&D hub

Construction of Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell research and development facility has begun at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus.   As part of Deakin’s $23 million hydrogen...

Pure Hydrogen’s H2X releases 4 POWER H2 portable electricity power units

Australian clean energy company Pure Hydrogen has launched a new line of hydrogen fuel cell power generation units that can produce electricity without emitting...

Future Fuels Strategy will allow Aussie consumers to make fuel decisions

The Federal Government released today the Future Fuels Strategy Discussion Paper which outlines the Morrison Government's plans for electric vehicles and hybrids. With the release...

H2U to build green hydrogen facility near Port Lincoln

Hydrogen infrastructure company Hydrogen Utility (H2U) will construct a 15MW hydrogen electrolyser power plant near Port Lincoln, South Australia. The $117.5 million project – to...

Intelligent Energy set to unveil hydrogen fuel cells that significantly extend drone flight time

Intelligent Energy, the British energy technology company, announced that it has developed a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell for powering small drones. The invention...

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