Pure Hydrogen’s H2X releases 4 POWER H2 portable electricity power units


Australian clean energy company Pure Hydrogen has launched a new line of hydrogen fuel cell power generation units that can produce electricity without emitting any pollutants.

Offered in 5kw, 20kw, 50kw, and 100kw, the new Power H2 units will be available on the market at the beginning of 2022.

The Power H2 units can be used for backup power and/or supply to power mobile communication towers, enterprises, hospitals, residences, farms, and mine sites, among other things.

“The Power H2 units have at their heart hydrogen fuel cells and powertrain that have been developed over several years. Customers are now been engaged, “said Managing Director Scott Brown in a media release.

“The Power H2 units demonstrate H2X’s ability to bring hydrogen-powered products to market successfully given their strong technology skills and established manufacturing and logistics supply chain which helps to bring product to market efficiently. Their technology is at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution and it is great to see it being implemented commercially.”

The POWER H2 portable electricity power units we launched in conjunction with H2X Global Limited, a company that has a 24% stake with options to increase to 48%.