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Victoria revives State Electricity Commission to boost renewable energy, drive down bills

The Victorian government is bringing back the State Electricity Commission up and running to deliver government-owned renewable energy to drive down power bills in the state. 

Regional Victoria receives boost for glass, organic waste recycling

The Victorian government has announced a $3 million investment to establish designated glass and organic waste drop-off points in Regional Victoria. 

Victoria boosts electricians upskilling program for solar boom

The Victorian government has announced a $900,000 investment to train more electricians and electrical engineers.  

Victoria announces community funding to boost circular economy

The Victorian government has allocated $3 million for 39 community organisations as part of the Circular Economy Communities Fund, which seeks to tackle waste and create new jobs in the state. 

Victoria announces grant recipients for zero-emissions vehicle uptake program

Four Victorian businesses were among the recipients of a government grants program that supports the commercialisation of zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) technology. 

Victoria seeks to develop new solar panel recycling methods

The Victorian government has launched a $10 million Solar Waste Challenge to encourage the development of novel solar panel recycling methods. 

Traditional energy company DJAARA completes solar battery installation in Victoria

Traditional company Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (DJAARA) has successfully launched its solar battery project backed by the state’s Traditional Owner Renewable Energy...

Victoria accomplishes emission reduction targets— report

The state of Victoria has successfully cleared its 2020 emission reduction targets, which is part of its journey to achieve net zero while keeping residential power bills down. 

Government funding unveiled to bolster Victoria’s circular economy

The Australian government and the state government of Victoria have doubled down on their commitment to cutting waste, creating more jobs for Victorians, and...

Australia’s First Hydrogen Refuelling Station to be built in Melbourne

Australia’s First Hydrogen Refuelling Station, able to produce hydrogen from 100 per cent renewable energy using an on-site solar plant and grid-sourced wind power...

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