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Omni Tanker joins forces with SOMAC CRC to drive composites manufacturing transformation in Australia

The Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites CRC (SOMAC CRC) is partnering with the University of New South Wales and Omni Tanker to lead a digital transformation within the composites manufacturing sector.

Omni Tanker unveils world’s first composite triple road train tanker

Australian composite materials company Omni Tanker has launched a world-first composite triple road train that can move nearly 100 tonnes of payload in a single haulage run.

AMGC gets $3.7 million out the door to australian manufacturers

Media Release Commercialisation of Australian innovation has been given a boost with the first round of successful co-funded grants awarded to six Australian manufacturers. Administered by...

Aussie manufacturer launches innovative road tanker in North America

In a first for the North American market, Australian advanced composite manufacturer Omni Tanker and its US partner MAC Liquid Tank Trailer (MAC LTT)...

CEFC announces a $4m investment in award-winning Australian manufacturer Omni Tanker

Australian carbon fibre composite technology company, Omni Tanker, has secured a $4 million equity investment from the Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEFC) to scale up...

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