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Australia’s first 3D bioprinter installed at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Federal minister Greg Hunt officially launched Australia’s first ever 3D bioprinter at the Murdoch Children’s  Research Institute (MCRI) last week. The 3D bioprinter was provided...

Organovo sets out to develop 3D bioprinted liver for direct transplantation

3D biology company Organovo Holdings, Inc. has unveiled plans to develop 3D bioprinted human liver tissue for direct transplantation.  According to the company, the program...

US Organovo to print 3D kidney tissue using Queensland expertise

America’s 3D bio-printing company, Organovo, has signed an agreement with the University of Queensland’s commercialisation company UniQuest to produce kidney tissues using a 3D...

3D printing- the next step towards immortality?

The importance of bioprinting cannot be overstated, as it holds greats potential to unlock incredible advancements in the medical science but also to provide...

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