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Committee report urges action on plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans

In a resounding call to arms against the mounting tide of plastic pollution, the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water has unveiled its findings after an inquiry into the state of Australia’s oceans and waterways.

Samsara Eco and lululemon unveil first enzymatically recycled polyester product

Australian enviro-tech startup Samsara Eco and athletic apparel giant lululemon have jointly launched the world's first product crafted from enzymatically recycled polyester.

House of Representatives launches inquiry into future of F&B manufacturing industry

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Industry, Science, and Resources has initiated an inquiry to explore avenues for innovation and expansion within Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing sector.

WA pioneers shift to compostable coffee cups, bans non-recyclable options

Western Australia (WA) is bidding farewell to non-compostable coffee cups, as part of its comprehensive Plan for Plastics initiative.

New CRCs to combat methane emissions, plastic waste get $127M funding

The Australian Government has unveiled a $127 million investment to back new research centres to cut emissions in the agriculture sector and eliminate plastic waste. 

Public feedback sought to help address plastic pollution in NSW

Businesses and the community in New South Wales are being encouraged to provide feedback on the state government’s efforts to mitigate plastic pollution. 

CSIRO releases new book on community efforts to eradicate plastic waste

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has published a new book that sheds light on the innovative and impactful ways communities throughout the world are addressing the plastic pollution challenge.

CSIRO: Australia food supply greatly impacted by micro and nanoplastics

A recent study conducted by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO found that micro and nanoplastics are prevalent in the nation’s food supply, impacting agricultural systems and the environment.

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