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‘Future Made in Australia’ plan targets pollution reduction, economic growth – CANA

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) and Solutions for Climate Australia (SCA) have lauded Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's unveiling of the ambitious 'Future Made in Australia' plan.

What is PFAS and why is it a problem?

A widespread effort to limit and phase out the use of “forever” chemicals called Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is taking over the world, especially now that the chemicals have taken a foothold in almost every material in our everyday lives. 

Coca Cola and Ocean Cleanup team up to tackle plastic pollution in Vietnam

Coca Cola and The Ocean Cleanup have partnered up to establish efforts to collect plastic litter in primary waterways before it reaches the ocean. The...

EPA fines Newcastle manufacturer $82,500 for coal tar spill

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has convicted and fined Koppers Carbon Materials and Chemicals Pty Ltd a total of $82,500 for a spill...

Deakin researchers pioneer solution to waste and recycling crisis

Media Release Deakin’s world-leading materials scientists will address Victorian waste management leaders about their innovative approach to tackling the global recycling crisis at a circular...

PACIA welcomes carbon tax repeal

Australia’s Senate has voted (39 to 32 votes) to repeal the carbon tax, a levy on the biggest polluters passed by the previous Labor...


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Beyond insights: CRM’s transformative role in sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing companies worldwide are increasingly gearing up for a significant transformation with environmental sustainability at the centre. This comes amid stronger environmental regulations, a shift in consumer behaviour, and the industrial sector delves deeper into Industry 4.0.