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Celebrate Philips’ 125th birthday by 3D printing your own face shaver

Electronics giant Philips is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and as a birthday gift to its consumers, it is offering 125 people the...

3D printing company Shapeways introduces Aluminium as their 54th material offering  

New York-based 3D printing startup Shapeways has announced the addition of Aluminium to its 3D printing materials portfolio. Claimed as the “perfect material for tools, drone...

Doctor turns to 3D printing to save patient’s spleen (VIDEO)

Dr Michael Itagaki from the Department of Interventional Radiology at the Swedish Medical Centre in Seattle, Washington, turned to 3D printing to save a patient from having to...

Adobe releases major Photoshop updates to conquer the 3D printing world

Adobe has unveiled the latest updates to its subscription-based Creative Cloud release, as well as a string of new features including a new pencil...

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