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Dassault Systèmes congratulates Solar Impulse on historic completion of its round-the-world aviation journey

Dassault Systèmes has congratulated the Solar Impulse team on the successful, historic completion of its round-the-world flight, flying 43,000 Kilometers, 558 Hours and 17 Flights without Fuel. The...

Solar Impulse proves innovation, technology and pioneering mindset can address global challenges

ABB alliance partner Solar Impulse completes round-the-world flight with zero fuel, showing we can run the world without consuming the earth. As a pioneering...

Solar Impulse arrives in Europe, heralding a new era of environmentally friendly transport

Solar Impulse, a groundbreaking solar aircraft, has completed the first of its kind flight across the Atlantic, demonstrating that the latest generation of sustainable...

ABB technology helps propel the world’s first solar plane on historic round-the-world flight

Two Swiss pilots made history yesterday when they took off from the Bateen executive airport in Abu Dhabi on a five-month journey around the...

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