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JP Morgan PMI reveals back-to-back expansion in global manufacturing in February

February witnessed a resurgence in global manufacturing activity, with production marking its second consecutive month of expansion, fueled by a return to growth in new order intakes.

Global manufacturing PMI picks up in January, ends 16-month contraction – JP Morgan

The global manufacturing sector began seeing signs of stabilisation at the start of 2024 as output climbed higher and the decline in new orders eased up. 

Global manufacturing PMI remains in contractionary territory at end of 2023

The global manufacturing sector continued to see contractionary conditions in the last month of 2023 as intakes of new business shrunk further, driving production to decline for the seventh consecutive month. 

Global manufacturing downturn in October marks longest deterioration sequence since 2002 – JP Morgan

The global manufacturing industry continued to see contractionary conditions in October as output declined for the fifth consecutive month dragged by further deterioration in new orders. 

China’s manufacturing PMI signals deteriorating conditions in October

China’s manufacturing industry experienced a slight setback in October, with the latest Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data from Caixin and S&P Global revealing deterioration in production as a result of slower sales. 

New orders drag down Australian manufacturing PMI in September, says Judo Bank

Australia’s manufacturing industry continued to see deteriorating conditions in September amid a sharper decline in new orders, including from abroad. 

Australian manufacturing PMI remains unchanged in August— Judo Bank

The Australian manufacturing sector continued to contract in August at a rate similar to July's, with the headline seasonally adjusted Judo Bank Australian Manufacturing PMI posting the same result of 49.6. 

Global Manufacturing PMI faces further downturn amid slowdown in new orders – JP Morgan

The global manufacturing sector has remained in recession as July saw output fall even more amid the drop in new order intakes, which continued for the thirteenth month in a row, according to the latest Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) report from JP Morgan. 

Eurozone manufacturing PMI slips in June demand, production decrease further

Conditions in the Eurozone manufacturing sector have seen a more intense downturn in June, as production contracts for the third month in a row, according to the latest HCOB PMI survey. 

Global Manufacturing PMI slips further amid new order intakes decline, says JP Morgan

Conditions in the global manufacturing industry have seen a decline in June as output shrinks to contraction, dragged by a decrease in new order intakes, according to the latest global manufacturing PMI report.  

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