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Customers embrace social robots in targeted commercial sectors, ECU reports

In the ongoing discourse surrounding artificial intelligence, recent findings from Edith Cowan University (ECU) have suggested that implementing social robots in commercial environments may encounter reduced resistance.

Researchers develop safe and sustainable water batteries resilient to pressure

A collaborative effort led by RMIT University has yielded the creation of recyclable 'water batteries' that promise enhanced safety and environmental sustainability.

UNSW engineers achieve quantum milestone with four control methods in single atom

Quantum computing engineers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the ability to encode quantum information in four distinct ways within a single atom, all housed within a silicon chip.

RMIT scientists harness nanodiamonds to develop next-gen smart fabrics

Scientists at RMIT University are employing nanodiamonds to develop intelligent fabrics capable of accelerating the cooling process for individuals.

New additive manufacturing report predicts $17B industry shift by 2032

In a study released by Additive Manufacturing Research, the report titled "Additive Manufacturing in the Energy Sector: Market Analysis & Forecast" has forecasted a surge in market activity, from $2.6 billion in 2023 to a projected $17 billion by 2032.

First dose administered in Efti, BAVENCIO trial for metastatic urothelial cancer

Immutep Limited, a pioneering clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in LAG-3 immunotherapies, announced the enrollment and safe dosing of the first patient in the INSIGHT-005 Phase I trial in the fight against metastatic urothelial carcinoma.

Drug candidate offers hope for ER-positive breast cancer patients

An international research collaboration, spearheaded by Pfizer in partnership with Monash University and the Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre in Australia, has identified a promising pre-clinical drug candidate with potential anti-tumour activity against Estrogen Receptor (ER) positive breast cancer.

First Graphene’s hydrogen catalyst study shows remarkable efficiency gains

First Graphene Limited has released the findings of an independent study conducted by the Centre for Process Innovation UK (CPI), highlighting the potential of graphene-based electrocatalysts for green hydrogen production.

Aussies opt for locally manufactured products this Christmas, says research

A recent study by Roy Morgan Research has revealed that 69 per cent of Australians have actively sought locally manufactured products in the past year, with an impressive 73 per cent expressing a willingness to pay more for Australian Made items as the festive season approaches.

South Korean steel, French energy firms partner for Pilbara hydrogen study

POSCO, a South Korean steel manufacturing company, and ENGIE, a French energy provider, have jointly embarked on a pre-feasibility study for a substantial renewable hydrogen project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

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