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Bacteria ‘nanowires’ demonstrated as potential key for green electronics dev’t

Scientists at UNSW Sydney have engineered protein filaments capable of producing electricity from ambient moisture, opening avenues for sustainable electronics.

Kimberly-Clark Australia’s $520M GDP boost and local job impact revealed in new report

In a freshly released report, Kimberly-Clark Australia emerges as a significant force in the nation's manufacturing domain, injecting $520 million into the GDP annually while bolstering over 2,600 jobs locally.

Nano-spiked silicon surface destroys 96% of virus particles, says researchers

A team of researchers, headed by RMIT University, has created and manufactured a surface with virus-killing capabilities, offering the potential for mitigating disease transmission in hospitals, labs, and similar high-risk settings.

Scientists develop 3D-printed ‘brain phantom’ for MRI research

A groundbreaking collaboration between the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Vienna) and TU Wien has led to the creation of the world's first 3D-printed 'brain phantom', revolutionising neuroimaging techniques.

Study reveals advancements in artificial eye creation through 3D printing

A study has revealed a significant advancement in artificial eye technology, as researchers unveil a faster and more efficient method for 3D printing custom prosthetic eyes, potentially transforming the lives of millions worldwide.

UNSW researchers harness sunlight to produce clean fuel

Engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have devised a method to generate synthetic methane from carbon dioxide (CO2) using nothing but sunlight.

Customers embrace social robots in targeted commercial sectors, ECU reports

In the ongoing discourse surrounding artificial intelligence, recent findings from Edith Cowan University (ECU) have suggested that implementing social robots in commercial environments may encounter reduced resistance.

Researchers develop safe and sustainable water batteries resilient to pressure

A collaborative effort led by RMIT University has yielded the creation of recyclable 'water batteries' that promise enhanced safety and environmental sustainability.

UNSW engineers achieve quantum milestone with four control methods in single atom

Quantum computing engineers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the ability to encode quantum information in four distinct ways within a single atom, all housed within a silicon chip.

RMIT scientists harness nanodiamonds to develop next-gen smart fabrics

Scientists at RMIT University are employing nanodiamonds to develop intelligent fabrics capable of accelerating the cooling process for individuals.

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